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Voices (5th Annual)

For the last four consecutive years, the Berry College Women’s and Gender Studies Program has hosted an annual Voices event, providing a platform for students & faculty/staff to present (in their unique ways) on issues surrounding gender and intersectional justice. In line with feminist scholars, we believe artistic and rhetorical expression is a powerful way to cultivate empathy for the marginalized and educate all people on the connections between gender and other issues of justice (e.g. sexuality, consumption, politics, religion, etc.) This event reflects the interdisciplinary nature of our program inviting students and employees of all disciplines and background to leverage the skills they have learned (and honed) through Berry College to highlight issues of gender and justice. This will be communicated through attendees through a three-fold approach: (1) through a targeted marketing scheme we will be enhancing our event’s brand by highlighting the focus of intersectional justice as well as providing content in the promo that upholds the cultural significance of dialogue in gender justice (2) at the event itself, the bulletin handed out to attendees will have relevant information to the specific event (e.g. participants names/pieces, order of events) but will also include a more in-depth write up about the significance of the event during and after its occurrence (3) Through Dr. Conradsen’s presence and dialogue with the audience, she will highlight the reason for the event, the way it has been specifically shown in the participants and engage the audience’s questions surrounding the significance of gender justice in all forms. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program (and feminism itself), Voices is a celebration of
interconnected disciplines which bring varying points of view surrounding gender & justice. Through the display of varying experiences in artistic and rhetorical disciplines, gender, justice and the primary tenants of feminism are displayed in a way that both challenges the attendees and the participant to consider views other than their own. We are working hard this year to collect a group of participants that represent diversity and celebrate interconnectedness of many streams of thought. By using feminism/gender justice as a catalyst to display artistic and rhetorical skill — attendees will be invited to celebrate fine arts both by novices, students and professionals experimenting in their field(s). Finally (and most explicitly), Voices clearly reflects on key issues that marginalized communities in our nation and world face — and with the opening of the Ruth & Noami Project, Rome’s first homeless shelter for women, gender justice is close to home as well.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Morgan, Jewel Box

Event Type

Speaker/Lecture, Cultural Event (CE Credit)

Acad Dept: Women's Studies
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