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Berry College Dance Troupe Presents Christmas Wonders

This dance concert will expose the audience to a variety of dance forms in an uplifting holiday performance while demonstrating the different stages a dance artist experiences in developing his or her choreographic voice. Featuring American jazz dance and modern contemporary dance, the audience will experience both traditional American dance and innovative dance forms. The presentation of the dance choreography itself conveys the bulk of the cultural engagement. The audience will view the works from choreographers in various stages of their choreographic lives, providing an outline of how true dance choreographers develop their artistic voices and
skills. Two or more students currently enrolled in DAN 307: Dance Composition will represent choreographers at the very beginning of their choreographic journey just beginning to discover their artistic voices and how to utilize choreographic tools. These students will be selected after their presentation of their final class project in November. Senior Berry student choreographers represent artists continuing their experimentation and development of their identities as artists. Finally, Professor Pecina's works display the work of a developed choreographer with professional experience and education in the art form. In lieu of discussion and Q&A, program notes from Artistic Director Sara Pecina and each choreographer will enlighten audience members on the choreographic process and artistic statements of each work as well as the development of choreographic voice. There will be a brief (less than 10 minutes) speech by Professor Pecina at the beginning of the concert introducing the choreographers and the visual representation of a choreographer's development the program will showcase. Additionally, Professor Pecina will be in the theatre lobby to answer any individual questions after each performance.

Friday, December 6, 2019 at 7:30pm to 8:15pm

Sisters Theatre

Event Type

Dance, Cultural Event (CE Credit)

Acad Dept: Fine Arts - Dance
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