Thursday, March 30

Advisement week # 2

Advisement week #2 March 27-31

Amy Landesberg "Plasti-plast" Art Exhibit

Amy Landesberg's "Plasti-plast" art exhibition will be on display in the Moon Gallery from March 20 through April 13. Cast plaster, carefully altered,...

Application for fall 2017 and spring 2018 graduation (Viking Web)

Apply for fall 2017 and spring 2018 graduation via Viking Web.

Online fall and summer pre-registration March 27-April 7

Online fall and summer pre-registration begins March 27 and ends April 7, 2017.

Mock Interviews- Tiffany Greenway Chick Fil A CFA

Practice your interviewing skills now before it really counts

Noonday Prayer

All are welcome to join us for Noonday prayer every Thursday. For anyone who is interested in pausing to engage in a guided prayer session for 15-20minutes....

Amy Landesberg: Things Grow Hair - Artist's talk/reception

Biological systems are hard to control. Domestic ecosystems, those countless things at the backs of drawers, on shelves, in closets, in the garage, that...

Dance Lessons

Swing & Ballroom Dance Association host weekly meetings open to the general public to offer free instruction on a wide variety of Latin, Swing, and...

Wildest Dreams (20th Anniversary of Dance Concerts) Jeanne M. Schul, Artistic Director

This concert celebrates Berry College Dance Troupe’s 20th year of performances. As a way of marking this milestone, Dance Troupe alumni will participate in...

Thursday, March 30